Gorilla Post Production.

Gorilla Post Production

Headed by Rod Berling, Gorilla Post can provide a complete audio post production service for your project. This includes sound design and Fx editing, dialogue editing, music editing, ADR, Foley, Mixing and Deliverables. We can put together sound crews of various sizes working with the highest caliber of sound editors. And combined with great relationships with London’s premiere mixing and ADR theatres we can put together packages to suit all budget sizes.


 Dialogue editing.

Dialogue Editing

Having your story told through quality sound can bring a whole new level to the visual experience, but the utmost importance is to ensure all dialogue is clear. This makes ADR and Dialogue the fundamental ingredient to all soundtracks. At Gorilla Post, we have the technical expertise to ensure all on set recordings are brought to their best possible potential using the most advanced plugins and techniques available. In addition to that our editors have recorded ADR in many different countries around the world and their expertise will allow a seamless integration into the overall dialogue soundtrack.

 Sound design and Fx

Sound Design and Fx

With a vast sound library collected from all corners of the globe, combined with unique sound design techniques we are able to create rich expansive soundscapes for your film or television project. Your audience needs to be engaged throughout, whether it be listening to aggressive action sequences or the most intricate subliminal sounds,  so creating this overall unique atmosphere is essential. Using the latest Pro Tools software and plugins, provides us with the greatest flexibility in achieving this goal.


 Foley and mixing.

Foley and Mixing

Foley is often an afterthought for a lot of people, but it is such an important element binding the dialogue and fx tracks to each other. Gorilla Post place the utmost importance of getting the best sound possible which is why we choose to use UK’s premiere foley houses who use  the best recording techniques along with highly experienced foley artists to create all types of sounds to enhance the overall listening experience. Eventually all this comes together "in the mix" where we choose London's top mixing theatres to deliver your final soundtrack.


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